The Bureaucracy of Termitopia...

Termitopia will be establishing some rules soon, meaning that we will have to set up a council to help improve the status of this wiki. To bring more people in, and when that happens, and vandalizer, troller, or spammer must suffer the consequences...

The Bureaucracy of Termitopia was constructed by our owner, Dark Lunaros, who believes in democracy and justice, so as a result, every 30 days, we will discuss new rules and what should be done, sometimes, meetings will be cancelled becuase somebody is not there, or we have nothing to talk about, but when we have set up rules, users are allowed to vote.

The Bureaucracy has 5 council members, a list of Guardians, Warriors, and Chat Warriors are described below;

Termitopia Council
Username Access Date Made Access
Dark Lunaros Royal 6/8/12
Rouge the Bat 1234 (Deceased) Guardian 6/11/12
Fawful117 Guardian 6/11/12
JamesTechno998 Guardian 6/13/12
Ronnoc the Hedgehog Guardian 6/14/12

Each council meeting will be here every 30 days, it can be cancelled or moved at another time without notice, and any talking during the discussion can get you kick-banned until the discussion is over.

A poll will appear on the main menu where you are free to choose 'Yes' or 'No'... As a joined user, you MUST do this. The poll will stay for 25 days, in that time you will vote.

Bureacratic discussions will begin next Friday the 28th at 9:00 AM, if anyone is not present, then the meeting may be postponed to another day.

Thank you for reading this message

Dark Lunaros 13:30, June 15, 2012 (UTC)