As of June 8th, this wiki had 2 users, since then, the community has grown to about 33 as of June 18, 2012. As the community is starting to grow drastically, the Bureaucracy of Termitopia has decided to establish rules before the first meeting on the 28th.

Dark Lunaros 16:14, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

Rules! It has become time that we need some... I've had several occasional arguments over spamming and trolling that are just slight issues, it is now to the point were I am literally about to put down the Warrior's access and make him a standard user...

Article Rules...

Making an article is one of the major parts of this wiki, however, making articles have rules, and not following them can lead to consequences, here are the rules below;


Vandalism is a form of destructive editing, that is but not limited to;

  • Deleting all content of an article.
  • Deleting important parts of an article.
  • Renaming and/or moving an article.

Consequences for Vandalism...Edit

You will recieve the following consequences for vandalizing an article;

  1. You will be warned by a warrior for the first 3 offenses...
  2. You will be banned for a week...
  3. You will be banned for a month...
  4. You will be banned for a year...
  5. You will be banned for an unlimited time...


Trolling is excessive taunting of another user online, it should only be found on a userpage or comments. It is but not limited to;

  • Unwanted taunting on userpages or comments.

Consequences for Trolling...Edit

  1. You will be banned