Buck the Jackrabbit is a Blacktailed Jackrabbit (Lepus Californicus) who is losely based on a Navajo Indian.

Buck the Jackrabbit


Lepus Californicus
Alignment Good
S Code 002-0160-0345-095-040-105-155-255
Age 12 Years (About 60 in human years)
Height 61 cm (2')
Weight 2.7 kg (6lbs)


Buck is a very tall, skinny, yet sturdy jackrabbit who claims the spirits of the past can help the souls in the present. Buck's large ears are pointed back in an acute angle, like the feathers on a chief's headdress, or a sign of rabies, a disease that makes mammals bipolar and salivate. Buck has black-tipped ears and sounds like Bugs Bunny when as an old man, he also has a black tail and a fondness for carrots...


Buck is a calm old man, however, the hero sometimes hears a sentence that he says and has no idea what he said, it may however be the fact that Buck an old man and can't remember things easily. He is quite helpful and is willing to help the hero when he/she is in need...

Storyline importance...Edit

Buck is required in the first quarter of the adventure, and has given the quest to find the Antlers of the Jackalope, were the hero finds some wood and fights of a Gila Monster...